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संस्कृत नाम- कृष्ण सारिवा
Botanical name -
Cryptolepis buchanani
Description - Twining, evergreen, glabrous shrub; leaves simple, opposite, petiole 1.25 cm, lamina 7.5-15.0 em by 2.5-6.2 cm, leathery, shining above, acuminate; cymes very shortly peduncted, paniculate; flowers white, tubular, 1.25 cm in diameter; follicles 5-10 cm long, straight, rigid; seeds compressed.
Chemical_Constituents- Plant contains pyridine alkaloid buchananine. Roots contain cardiac glycoside buchanin. Stems contain n-triacontanol, n-triacontanoic acid, (alpha-amyrin, Beta-sitosterol glucoside, cryptolepine, quindoline, nicotinoyl glucoside
Uses -
Plant yields a latex containing water and water solubles, caoutchouc, resins SANTAL : Plant: in body pain, dysentery, snake bite; Root: in anasarca, ascites, dropsy, sores

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