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संस्कृत नाम- द्रॊणपुष्पी पत्रं
Botanical name -
Leucas aspera
Description - Leucas aspera is a annual herb of 6-18 in high erect stem, usually much diffusely branched from below stout, hispid. Branches Quadrangular, hispid. Shortly petiolate or Subsessile leaves, linear-oblong or oblong lanceolate, entire, hairy, Sessile flowers in terminal or axillary Whorls. Corolla pure white bi-lipped. Nutlets long oblong sub-truncate at the apex, smooth and brown.
Chemical_Constituents- Plant contains sterols, alkaloids, galactose, oleanolic acid, ursolic acid and Beta-sitosterol . Aerial parts contain alpha -sitosterol, beta-sitosterol. Shoots contain long chain compounds - l-hydroxytetratriacontan -4-one and 32-methyl- tetratriacontan-8-ol, dotriacontanol
Uses -
Used in jaundice, odema, asthama, as a wormicide. Used as a nasal drops in sinusites, cold and jaundice - - Juice of leaves applied externally in psoriasis, chronic skin eruptions and painful swellings. Flowers given with honey in coughs and colds. Herb used as an antipyretic. It is used in fevers, cold, psoriasis, scabies and chronic skin eruptions. Leaves considered useful in. Chronic rheumatism.

  • Leucas aspera
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